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At De Ville’s Studio, we offer a variety of wellness & Pilates programmes to suit almost anyone. Whether you are a serial exerciser or a complete beginner, whether you are fit as a fiddle or in need of motivation and support we have your back. We believe that fitness should be fun and we work hard to make sure it is! So take a look at what we do!


Pilates is a form of mental and physical conditioning that can help improve poor posture, reduce low back pain, increase flexibility and relieve stress and tension. All workouts will contain a range of standing and floor exercises making them a perfect way to improve our general wellness and a great addition to your existing fitness training . Choose a Stretch & Tone class for a more mainstream workout, the more energetic PHIT (Pilates Hi-Intensity Interval Training) if you are looking for a more dynamic session or nestled between the two is our LIFE workout - low impact intervals for helping to build strength and endurance.

Sit to be Fit Class - De Ville's Pilates - Atherstone

Sit To Be Fit

Sit To Be Fit is a seated program designed to promote physical and mental well-being for those who have difficulty with mobility. Choose a seated Pilates workout and add small equipment like balls and bands for added challenge, or opt for a gentle chair-based routine such as T'ai Chi Qigong - great for promoting mobility, as well as reducing stress, anger and anxiety.
If you work in a care home why not speak to your activity coordinator and request chair-based fitness sessions for your residents.

High Energy/Low Impact Workouts

Our high energy/low impact workouts are great for building up cardiovascular fitness and torching calories, improving strength and flexibility and working on your motor skills and balance. Choose PHIT for a Pilates based HiiT workout, or maybe LIFE, our low impact interval Pilates is more up your street. What about the bouncing, high octane thrill of Step with our guest presenter Ali, or watch out for random classes that could be anything from Fitball Fantastic to Barre-inspired Legs Bums and Tums to Weights for Weight or the Activation Band Burner. A range of lively, energetic classes to keep you fit and inspired and all you can guarantee is that it's going to be fun!

T'ai Chi & Qigong

T'ai Chi is a martial art form that has evolved into a popular exercise discipline suitable for young and old alike; it can even be adapted for clients with mobility issues. Our traditional Yang Style T'ai Chi class teaches you a series of 'forms' and 'gigong' (pronounced chi gung) and combines deep breathing and meditation with slow and precise movement that is gentle on muscles and joints and can also be incredibly effective in helping to improve mental acuity and focus and in reducing stress and anger. The Essence of Chi on the other hand is a 'follow-me' class - no forms to learn, just slow, flowing movements for you to follow along to and enjoy.

Ante-natal & Post-natal Exercise

Exercising during and after pregnancy is a fantastic way to help you cope with the changes to your body that inevitably occur. It can help to reduce back pain, maintain or increase strength and general fitness levels, manage mood swings, help you with labour and make it much easier to return to fitness afterwards. Watch out for new courses.

Fitball Pilates aerobics

Personal Training, 1:1 & Small Group Sessions

If you have a specific fitness/weight management goal in mind, a special event you want to be ready for or you just don't want or are unable to join mainstream classes then Personal Training, 1:1 or Small Group sessions are ideal. Workouts are tailored to your (or your group's) specific needs, with regular reviews and plenty of support and variety to keep you motivated and on-target. They are also an excellent way to add an additional element to your existing training programme. These sessions can be booked as one-off classes to put you back on track or prepare you for general classes, or as longer blocks of sessions aimed at your own personal goal.

Mind Your Food for Weight Management & Wellness

This is mindful nutrition for a 'real world', sustainable and fun way to manage and maintain your weight and wellness. Whether you choose our short detox or starter challenges or a much longer programme to change your mindset and make healthy eating and exercise a more established and intuitive way of life you will enjoy the support of your coach and other like-minded people to make those healthy choices and stay on-track. Empower yourself to achieve maximum wellness - contact us today!

ELEVATE Membership

ELEVATE is more than just a membership. With an ELEVATE Membership you can access all of our regular timetabled fitness classes plus nutrition, mindfulness and much more* This is an ongoing monthly membership. It will renew automatically but you are free to cancel at any time.

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