Week 3: learning to love my new life!

Healthy eating is just as important as physical exercise

This past 7 days have marked another week of struggling to make it to the gym. I’ve been once, but am still on a steep learning curve when it comes to working out how to integrate it into my regular routines.

In not going to the gym last week, and only making it once this week, I had a surprising realisation: I already miss it! A few weeks ago the idea of working out would have horrified me, but in just a short space of time I’ve come to enjoy it just like I enjoy any other pastime or hobby. It’s not always ‘fun’ in the same way that going for coffee with friends is, but it’s rewarding and makes the rest of my day much better.

I’ve also noticed that, weirdly, my energy levels are actually lower when I don’t go to the gym or work out. I feel more sluggish not doing exercise. I would have assumed it’d be the other way round, but going to do my weights and treadmill time perks me up and makes me feel ready to face the rest of the day with a bounce in my step, rather than tiring me out.

Because I haven’t been going to the gym as much, I decided to focus this week on other ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This has mainly revolved around my eating habits – I’m starting to actively prefer fruit to junk food, and haven’t had a takeaway in 3 weeks. These sound like small accomplishments, but they feel big to me as they mark a big change in my lifestyle and attitude. It’s important on a journey to healthy living to celebrate even the small victories, as it’s those small changes each day that combine to make the bigger picture.

So, while this week might not look great on paper, it’s made me realise just how quickly these lifestyle changes are taking root and making their mark on the rest of my life. Let’s hope this continues into next week and beyond!

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  1. Another great reflection from Sian. Never underestimate how much impact a workout can have on your mental and physical health. Food also contributes massively to our energy levels so I think actually it’s a much bigger thumbs up.than you give yourself for 🤗🏋️‍♀️ xxx

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