Tai Chi and Summer Sunshine

Tai Chi students from De Ville’s Studio perform Golden Rooster from Tai Chi Fan form

Tai Chi and summer sunshine are two of my favourite things. Being able to combine the two is heaven on earth! The lovely people of Sheepy Magna didn’t need to ask twice recently – bring De Ville’s Studio and the ‘beautiful dance’ to our Summer Fayre and do it out in the sunshine! Yes!

Tai Chi students from De Ville’s Studio perform a movement from Beginner Form

Tai Chi forms, fans and flow

So with the sun beating down on us and the temperature soaring into the high 20’s the team brought forms, fans and flow, and, wrapped in relaxing, meditative music arms, legs and bodies floated effortlessly.

The group performed their Beginner forms with gentle movement, like water flowing in a brook, hesitant at first but growing in confidence. The intermediate forms bubbled into life as the mythical roc spread its wings and soared skywards. Then suddenly… the dragon awoke. Not quietly, or gently but with a roar as the fans snapped into life.

Dedication and practice

We have practised for many hours to achieve what we performed that day. But the ‘beautiful dance is there for everyone to learn – all it takes is dedication and practice. And you can do it too – come and join us and see for yourself what you can achieve. Find out more at https://devillespilates.com/wellness-pilates-programmes/

Whether you are 9 or 90 Tai Chi is a wonderful way to build strength, improve flexibility and reduce stress. At the Studio we run a class for 9 to 16 year olds, as well as our regular timetabled classes for adults. Moreover, our Sit to be Fit programme includes seated Tai Chi for the less mobile participants.

See the full video of our performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ9_4MHa52E

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