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Have the freedom to choose how to stay fit with fitness classes online and on demand

Fitness classes on line

Although it looks as though we are approaching the end of lockdown restrictions many of us are still reluctant to join face-to-face classes for a variety of reasons. After all, Covid is still here and can make us nervous about mixing in groups of people we don’t really know;  but there are other reasons to consider as well. Maybe you are time-poor. Work, young families and caring for older adults can make it difficult to take care of ourselves. Perhaps, after a year of uncertainty, your financial commitments make it difficult to stretch to a gym membership; or maybe you are feeling self-conscious about your appearance, or the fact that you are new to exercise and don’t have great fitness levels yet. Perhaps you just think you’re too old to start a new fitness class! Maybe fitness classes online could be the answer. 

Breaking down the barriers to fitness

At De Ville’s Online Studio we are proud to be all-inclusive and able to offer a range of fitness classes in our friendly  fitness community. Rather than face-to-face classes, we offer live fitness classes online in our fabulous ZOOM room. We meet up regularly for classes and sometimes for social events! Think of the convenience if you are time-poor or not comfortable in a gym.  Just jump into your fitness clothes and do your class at home. No inconvenient travelling, or finding parking spaces – and then within minutes of finishing the class you are back with your loved ones! 

In addition, we do offer pay and play with no commitment. However, if you do go down the membership route you get so much more – find out more at www.devillespilates.com.

What if you could also have fitness classes on demand!

Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to able to CHOOSE when you do your favourite fitness class! Think of how brilliant it would be especially in the summer holidays;  you could get up and do your fitness class before the kids have even stirred!  Well, with our fantastic NEW Fitness On Demand Centre you can!

Choose one class or a pack of classes, hit the purchase button and off you go! It’s a brand new feature for us and we are adding classes all the time. Try anything from T’ai Chi to Pilates to low impact Cardio and HiiT workouts.

You get the chance to mix up your workouts without the expense of a membership, and try before you buy if you are thinking of joining!

Remember – we are adding new content and the programmes are evolving all the time so keep checking in with us! https://goteamup.com/p/2087406-de-villes-studio/

P.S. Grab a coffee and head over to my YouTube account to listen to my latest Podcast ‘The Art of Relaxation’ 

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Maureen Parker

Hi! I'm Maureen and I'm the founder of De Ville's Health & Fitness. Originally trained as a gym instructor, I soon followed up my passion for Pilates and in 2009 qualified as an instructor. De Ville's Studio opened in January 2011 and today I am qualified to teach not just Pilates, but also Tai Chi, Exercise to Music, Chair Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness and am an Exercise Specialist for Low Back Pain.