Contact form issues: Fixed

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to update you all here that we’ve now fixed our contact forms.

We were made aware by one very kind lady that she had tried contacting us through our website but didn’t get any replies. We were baffled… We immediately looked into it and saw that there was an issue where we didn’t actually receive notifications from our website when someone used our contact form.

If you’ve contacted us between August 15th and September 19th, please feel free to contact us again. We’ve now made doubly sure our notification and contact forms work as they’re supposed to!

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Maureen Parker

Hi! I'm Maureen and I'm the founder of De Ville's Health & Fitness. Originally trained as a gym instructor, I soon followed up my passion for Pilates and in 2009 qualified as an instructor. De Ville's Studio opened in January 2011 and today I am qualified to teach not just Pilates, but also Tai Chi, Exercise to Music, Chair Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness and am an Exercise Specialist for Low Back Pain.

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