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Maureen has been teaching Pilates since she created De Ville’s Health & Fitness in 2009.  As well as being a Level 3 Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer she also teaches Tai Chi Chuan (non combat), is a Kick Start healthy eating and exercise coach and works with several specialist population groups including older adults, teenagers, pre and post natal and GP exercise referrals particularly those with low back pain, in which field she has completed her Level 4 Exercise Specialist Qualification.

Skilled Trainer

Maureen is an exceptional trainer in Pilates, and has used her knowledge  to create amazing workouts for several specialist groups, working with old and young equally enthusiastically. She has a particular affinity with  ‘baby boomers’ however, and the addition of programmes such as Tai Chi, Relaxation Therapy and KickStart reflect this accordingly.

L4: Specialist Instructor in Exercise for Low Back Pain
L3: Pilates Insctructor / Personal Trainer / Pre & Post Natal Exercise / Exercise Referral
Tai Chi Chuan Instructor / Relaxation & Mindfulness Coach
Chair Fitness / Exercise for Adolescents / Exercise to Music
KickStart Women's Weight Loss & Wellness Coach

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